Bringing Your Pet

Information about Bringing Your Pet

We are excited that you and your family will be bringing your pet(s) to the Athens Pet Expo and Adoption Event.  There will be lots of local and national pet retailers, veterinarians, groomers, trainers, boarding facilities and other organizations primarily geared towards pet lovers. There will also be dozens of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available for adoption.

To ensure that you and your pet have a great time at this event, please review the following information:

  • Please bring your pet only if he or she is well behaved, non-aggressive and doesn’t get stressed out in crowded, stimulating and noisy situations. Your pet will be exposed to lots of other dogs, small children and people at the event.  At times the event could be noisy with dogs barking, people speaking on microphones, and attendees clapping and cheering.
  • Volunteers will be watching the crowds and pets carefully to ensure everyone is safe, but it only takes a second for a dog bite to occur. Please discuss proper greeting behavior with your children before the event. Remind them to always ask the owner’s permission to pet an animal, allow the pet to sniff their hands and then they should gently pet the animal’s chest, chin or back (not the top of its head), speaking calmly and quietly to the pet. Children should never jump on a dog, grab it from behind or scream at it.
  • We have just a few rules for bringing pets:
    1. Your pet must be current on all age-appropriate shots.
    2. Dogs must be on a fixed lead or a locked retractable lead, no longer than 6 feet, at all times.
    3. Female pets cannot be in heat.
    4. At the entrance you will be asked to sign a Release of Liability form agreeing to accept full responsibility for your pet at the event. If you prefer to review and sign the form in advance, you can download and print a copy from the Athens Pet Expo website at
  • Once inside, stop by the registration table to register for door prizes, pick up a gift bag with information on the vendors and a layout of the floor plan, enter your dog or cat in the Pet Costume Contest, Talent Show and other games. Children can pick up a Scavenger Hunt sheet and visit the various vendors to collect the items on the list and win a prize.
  • There will be pet clean-up teams at the event, but you will also be given bags for your pet’s waste pick-up when you enter. Please be kind and pick up after your pet.
  • Pet water stations will be located throughout the expo. These are communal bowls, so if you have a puppy or elderly pet, please keep it safe and bring a travel or disposable bowl for their use.

Many exhibitors offer pet treats.  If your pet has a sensitive stomach or is super excited, you may want to consider allowing your pet one or two treats and then wait until he or she is home to enjoy the rest.