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Adult cats are often overlooked, especially if they are stressed out at adoption events. This is Hart, who was pulled from Athens-Clarke County Animal Control after being their longest resident. He does well with dogs and kids and even some cats, but gets overstimulated easily so he’d love a calmer home. He’s looking for his FURever family!


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This handsome boy is Shadow! We believe he is about 2 years old and around 65 lbs–he is a pretty thick guy! Shadow adjusted very quickly to life at our foster dog farm, becoming quite the popular guy amongst his canine companions! Though he loves to wrestle and romp around with his foster siblings, he would always prefer be right by his human’s side. Shadow is such a “velcro” dog and can be trusted to stay with you off leash. He would make the perfect partner for hiking! Because he loves his humans oh-so-much, he does have some separation anxiety, but having another dog with him seems to help. If you are looking for an athletic companion for you or your current dog, fill out an application to see if Shadow is the right fit for you!


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Teddy is a debonair fellow who enjoys relaxing strolls with his human and cuddling on the couch for a movie. He is working on his social media presence while waiting for his soulmate at PetSmart. Check out his newest videos on our YouTube page and come meet him before you miss your chance!


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Grizzly came to the shelter with an infected mouth and in a lot of pain. He was missing some teeth and the remaining teeth looked like they needed to be pulled in order to try to help him. His fur was dirty and matted because it was too painful for him to groom himself. Barrow County Animal Control Shelter took him to Four Paws Animal Hospitalhospital in Statham and they agreed to do his surgery for whatever donations came in.

The infection and inflammation in his mouth was severe and extensive, with a great deal of gum inflammation and bone decay. The vet ended up extracting all of his remaining teeth and the procedure ran almost 2 hours. Because of the trauma of extractions, his mouth was actually more swollen and he actually looked worse after surgery, but once the swelling and infection subsided he was considerably more comfortable and a lot less smelly. He did have fleas and at least one attached tick. They also gave him a bath to remove all of the crusted feces and saliva from his fur. The vet found himself calling him “Grizzly” because of his fur coloring and the name stuck.

Four Paws was great about keeping an eye on him for a few extra days after surgery and sent him home with antibiotics, pain meds, and four months of Frontline. We cannot thank them enough for all of their time and attention and care for Grizzly! We took him to Dr. Bates at Bates Animal Hospital for his post-surgery recheck and Dr. Bates removed some stitches that had not dissolved but said he was doing well and could start transitioning to regular (hard) food. He is going back to Dr. Bates today for another check on his mouth.

Grizzly is very friendly and loves people. He sits on his foster dad’s lap and watches TV with him and sleeps with his foster mom. He might be best with other younger cats or as an only cat, but he is still getting settled into normal, pampered living and might calm down more as he realizes he is safe. He is about 9 years old and is willing to play but also takes lots of naps. Basically, now that he can he likes to take it easy and enjoy the good life!



Emmy Lou is the sweetest old hound dog you’ll ever meet and is a favorite in her foster home! She is an English Foxhound mix and is about 7 years old. This poor girl seems to have lived a rough life, being an outdoor country dog that has mothered multiple litters. When we rescued her from animal control, she was heartworm positive and she had ehrlichia. After months of treatment, Emmy Lou is happy and healthy and ready to find her furever family! Emmy Lou has adjusted quickly to indoor life, and loves to just snuggle up on a dog bed and enjoy your company. She does well with other dogs (absolutely loves the hound puppies at her foster home!) but does not do well with cats.



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Mia is a fun, loyal dog that absolutely adores her people friends. She loves playing fetch and going on walks or hikes, but her favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch and give you plenty of kisses. She knows basic commands and is ready to please, so she is a very teachable dog! She loves to run in open spaces and gets the biggest smile on her face when her humans play with her outside. She takes some time to warm up to new faces, but once she does, the bond is strong. She is absolutely perfect with cats and older dogs. She takes a little time to get used to new, energetic dogs, but once she gets to know them, they are best buds. Her happy attitude and goody personality will definitely win you over!


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Raya is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese that we took in after her first owner passed away and the owner who inherited her also passed away. The second owner was the original lady’s neighbor. She had 6 large dogs who were cat aggressive, so she didn’t know what else to do but board her. Raya was boarded at a vets office for weeks. She’s super affectionate to people, but can be a bit skeptical at first. Raya is about 6 years old. She would PURRfur a quieter home with either no animals or very calm/mellow ones. Unfortunately, poor Raya is front AND back declawed, which has caused Raya to be a bit more scared of other animals since she has zero defense against them! Raya is a typical Siamese – she is really affectionate one minute and very independent the next. She gives the best kisses and is truly a great companion. Raya has been with us for way too long- don’t you want to give her a home of her own where she can feel safe and loved? She’s waiting for you.