You Can Help!


There are many ways that you can help us no matter how much time you have available or how much money you have in the bank!

Even with discounted medical care and supplies we almost never cover the costs of our foster animals with their adoption fee alone. Adding even more to our financial burden is that most animals that come to us are anything but healthy. We also have animals in our care that have undergone medical procedures or treatments, which can easily cost hundreds more. In addition, we have other bills such as fuel to get to and from our weekly adoption events and animal control visits as well as trips to the veterinarian’s office. Our two adoption minivans serve us well, but they take a beating and need standard vehicle maintenance often. We are always in need of donations of any type or amount! You may also specify with your donation if you would like for it to go to a specific animal or project!

Please have a look at our special animals that need to be sponsored!

You can also look at our wish list items.

Interested in volunteering or fostering instead?