Fundraising Needed



Dobby the Demodex Dachshund

Help turn Dobby’s story from heartbreaking into heartwarming!  He is only about 4 and a half months old and was left in a box abandoned at animal control. The little guy was born with 3 legs and does his best to get around but he cannot run and play like a normal pup. We would love to help him get his mobility back with a prosthetic leg, but that is a dream that needs your help to make it a reality! Please share his story and help us to raise the funds necessary to help him gain the full range of movement that our other 4 legged friends enjoy so much.

You will also notice that Dobby is missing almost all of his hair.  He has demodectic mange which has led to skin infections all over his little pink body.  This will take a while to heal but we have already begun treatment to eliminate his skin infections and get the mites under control.

Click here to visit Dobby’s YouCaring site to sign up for updates on his progress and share his story on FaceBook!


Help Us  to Help Them

We need assistance to continue helping dogs, cats, and other animals in danger of being euthanized!   We have already saved nearly 800 dogs and cats this year.  That is an extraordinary accomplishment for a rescue group our size, and we could not have done it without your support.  However, even though we are 100% volunteer and very frugal with our expenditures, we are running dangerously low on funds required for us to stay operational.  We need assistance with things like special medical care and general vetting expenses.  We are starting a variety of YouCaring accounts to help raise money and awareness.  The work is not done when these animals are rescued from animal control!  Please, donate what you can and share their stories with friends and family. Even $5 a week can save lives if we can get 100 people to join in!






Thank you for visiting our site. Circle of Friends Animal Society is a registered non-profit animal rescue organization located in Georgia. We attend adoption events every weekend!
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