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Circle of Friends has some of the most dedicated, compassionate foster families anywhere! A shining example of heroism for animals is foster mom Pat, who has made an enormous impact on our organization. Since 2003, Pat has fostered and adopted out over 1,000 rescued dogs! Pat and her father began fostering dogs in 2003, as part of a family tradition of giving back to their community. As an animal lover, Pat knew that rural groups struggle to help many pets with few resources. There is a tremendous need for foster homes, and sometimes just one night in foster care makes the difference between life and death. Pat gives frightened, injured or sick dogs a haven where they can heal and feel safe before being adopted. She finds joy in watching them blossom in her care, and in seeing the love and excitement in the eyes of adopters as they welcome a new family member. Pat’s father passed away in 2013 at the age of 94, and in his memory, Pat continues the lifesaving work they enjoyed together. Circle of Friends, the lives of more than 1,000 dogs, and our entire community are immeasurably enriched because of Pat.

Once again, the Dawgy Dash was a wonderful success!!

Dawgy Dash results are in – a new record with 114 runners and over $2,800 raised for Circle of Friends! We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful sponsors & all the kind folks who entered the race! We are forever indebted to Robert and Nancy Lewis and our friends at Durham Vet Clinic, who started this race for us six years ago. To everyone who ran, thank you so much for entering our race! If you missed it, we hope to see you next year. It’ll be even bigger and better!



Please tell your friends and family about Circle of Friends Animal Society, and follow us on Facebook. If you know of anyone looking to adopt, send them our way! Every adoption we have opens up a space in our foster homes for another animal to be saved- so each adoption actually helps TWO animals!

In addition, donations via PayPal help to offset our veterinary expenses, and dog food and cat food is always greatly appreciated. For other ideas of how to help us save the lives of local pets, please click on the Get Involved tab at the top of this page. Many thanks from the pets and volunteers of Circle of Friends!

Foster Home Adopts out 900th foster!


This month marked a wonderful milestone for one of our extraordinary foster caretakers. Every adoption is important but some are extra special. Little Katy was so scared and shy when we first got her from Animal Control that she would scream in terror if her foster mom reached for her. It took a month before she was able to be picked up and we quickly learned that she loved to be cuddled. We knew it would take a special person experienced with shy Chihuahuas and patient enough to wait for Katy to come around in her own time. We were delighted when Katy met Patti Cole at our adoption event on Sunday and they fell immediately in love.

And the icing on the cake — Katy was the 900th adoption for foster mom extraordinaire, Pat Cullen! Congratulations Katy and Pat. We love you!

If you would like to learn more about COFAS and some of our past news and events click here.

About Us

The Circle Begins

Circle of Friends Animal Society was founded in January of 2007 by eight friends with eighty years of experience in animal welfare between them. They had worked in many organizations over the years and wanted to use their knowledge and skills, add all the best practices and most innovative ideas they had discovered, and follow a different path than a typical humane society. They set out to create an organization that would address the multiple concerns of animal welfare with positive, humane solutions.

Our Philosophy

Circle of Friends believes that animals deserve kindness and that being kind to animals brings forth our best human qualities and creates a more compassionate society. We believe that every life is precious and do not put a price tag on that life. If an animal needs an investment of time, money, and effort to have a chance at a happy life, we will not turn that animal away. We believe that educating pet owners and providing services to help them is key to creating a community in which animals are valued and treated with compassion. We do not limit ourselves to helping dogs and cats and will assist any animal, of any species, to the best of our capabilities.

About COFAS.org

In this website you can find our dogs and cats currently available for adoption (click on ‘Adoptable Animals’ above, or narrow your search by selecting a category on the left-hand side of any page). In additon, you can also learn more about COFAS. Aside from rescuing cats and dogs, we are active within our community. Please read about our programs by clicking on “Community Outreach,” at the top of this page. We also know that after the adoption papers have been signed, another journey begins. Our “Happy Tails” page will be a place for adopters to share updates on their newest family members. In addition, if you have any questions about our rescue group, the FAQs page is a great place to start. Finally, if you’re interested in helping Circle of Friends Animal Society, please click on “Get Involved!” above. There you will find information on how you can help us save the lives of local dogs and cats in need!

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@cofas.org

Help us  to help the animals meet their forever families

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