Happy Tails!

Since being founded in 2007, we have rescued over 9,300 unwanted animals!

Just some of our adoptions! Total rescued for 2020 = 1135!

Here are some of our happy adoptions from 2015! Total adoptions for 2015 = 1,015!

We LOVE updates! If you ever want to share a picture of yourself with your adopted friend just send us a message on Facebook or send us an email at info@cofas.org.

12 Responses to Happy Tails!

  1. Zoe says:

    Mitzi is my best friend. I reached out to COFAS, and I met her and took her home the very next day. It could not have been easier. Now miss girl is the most spoiled cat in Athens.

  2. Kalyn Massey says:

    My hubby and I just adopted miss Noel shortly after Christmas. I like to call her my little Christmas miracle because she is the sweetest most loving cat I’ve ever met. After a little uncertainty she has even started to break our other kitty, Lovey, out of the box–they play all the time and they’re so sweet to watch snuggle and clean each other. They even get along well with our two corgi/lab puppies!

  3. Adonna says:

    I wanted to give you an update on Budweiser{Bud}. I was afraid he would have a problem with our NY winters. He loves being outside. The other day we were walking and all that was visible of Bud was his eyes. He burrows through the snow. He is a wonderful boy. I am so greatful you trusted me to care for him.

  4. Pat Cullen says:

    I can’t thank you enough for adopting her. She is so sweet and I was in love with her. If I didn’t foster and have a houseful of dogs I would have kept her myself, but then again if i didn’t foster i would never have met her. You are exactly the home I prayed for and I appreciate so much your willingness to take on our senior girl and give her the home she deserves. Give Sadie a kiss for me…….. Her foster mom, Pat

  5. Jackie Piancastelli says:

    I adopted Sadie (yorkie) back last year in April 2013. I can’t tell how much love and joy she has brought to our family (even the Big Guy is in love with her). She is so spoiled it isn’t even funny. I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as her new mom. Thanks for all the hard work you do COFAS.

  6. Jim Price says:

    Adopted black toy poodle at end of Feb. 2013 scraggly emaciated near Greensboro. He is now full fleshed with good coat and a joy to have. Abraham in foster home is now Pepper. All signs of seizures and panic now disappeared. Happy guy. Great effort COFAS!

  7. Michelle and SHane says:

    Hello all! I was just taking a study break, browsing pups online, and I noticed the sweet little face of our girl Dalai is on this page! She was “Cadbury” when we adopted her in 2010– the lil white pup smiling under a step ladder. She’s still a cutie, just a bigger one now at 60 pounds 🙂 She’s as sweet as be, and still has that lil bunny tail. She loves her big husky sister and her little brother, Buckley, who we were fostering through CoF and then decided to keep 🙂 She was super shy when we got her, but her doggy siblings have taught her confidence, and she keeps coming out of her shell more every day. Love my furry family! Thanks for all you do.

  8. Pat says:

    We are also so glad you stopped by that day. You were just what Desi/Freddie needed. He hadn’t been with me long enough to let me see all of his personality (especially with all the other dogs) but I knew he could be a character. It sounds like he has settled in and let his true self out. Thank you so much for adopting him and I hope you have many happy years together. Pat (his foster mom)

  9. Donna says:

    On Saturday May 18, while leaving the Loganville area after my grandson’s graduation, headed back to my daughter’s in Savannah, and then to my home in Florida the next day we stopped at Petsmart to pick up some cat food. My daughter fell in love with Desi, a chihuahua and told me I had to have him. She was right. I had not anticipated having an animal on the drive to her house and then an additional animal on the 5 hour drive to my house, but Desi who we re-named Freddie is absolutely adorable and has fit right in. His escape artist talent let him escape 3 times, but I can now let him in the yard and know he cannot get out, and we are working on not darting out an open gate. He loves the toy basket (if only I could get him to put the toys away), loves watching the squirrels and birds, loves and gets lots of attention, loves his older brother a Yorky, they have even begun to play together and has a deep respect for his way older grouchy sister, also a chihuahua. He is still learning not to chase the cat who only comes out when Freddie is in his crate for the night. He is absolutely adorable, has a little wild and crazy side which he doesn’t want anyone to see, and I swear he is my Wiggles (who died 3 years ago) re-incarnated. I am so glad we stopped at the PetsMart that day and that you had Freddie there.He is so very loved.

  10. cofas3 says:

    I just read your note and I’m so happy for Jake. He is such a wonderful little boy and your home is exactly what I wanted for him Thank you for giving him the opportunity to experience the real love he deserves and is so good at giving.
    Pat (His foster mom)

  11. Ken & Paula Gardner says:

    My husband & I found the most beautiful little dog at PetSmart, Loganville, Ga. on Sat 2/25/12. His name was Wiz, but now we call him Jake. He came from a horrible place, but he is doing surprisingly well. He still is not completely comfortable, but he is adapting very well. He actually came into the kitchen with me last night, and looked up at me and wagged his little tail. That made me so happy…He will never be hurt or hungry ever again. He will have all that he has always deserved, along with his sister Abby (also a Chihuahua/Pekinese Mix, as Jake is) and his sister Sandy ( a tolerant and patient calico cat). We will never be able to thank you enough for bringing him to us. We Love Him!
    God Bless!

  12. jack hafer says:

    the Pomeranian name Tristan is the dog i adopted but we renamed him zorro

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