Special Needs


Right now Circle of Friends has several tough cases of special needs doggies and kitties that are in need of extra veterinary care. We love rescuing these overlooked babies and giving them a second chance at life but we need your help to continue saving them! We rely completely upon the generosity of donors like you- so these additional expenses put a large dent in our funds.


All the animals that receive extra care (whether it be surgery, x-rays, heartworm treatment, ongoing skin issues, medications, etc.) do not have an increased adoption fee so the costs are hard to make up. Therefore, we have several animals with their own funding accounts to help cover their costs. Please look at these babies and consider donating any amount towards their care!

Rescued Robin Needs Relief!


Eli Needs Your Empathy!


Rawboned Ruffus Needs Rescue!


As always, we appreciate every one of our supporters. Without you, we would not be able to rescue any of these precious creatures! If you prefer you donate to our general fund that is great too! We have many ways that you can become involved with us regardless of your situation. Thank you!


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