Flagpole: The Pet Issue

All of our local Athenians (and everyone nearby) will appreciate this- if you haven’t already seen it! Flagpole Magazine is a free weekly publication containing all the latest info and happenings going on in Athens. They cover all aspects of the local scene- including music, art, food, people, places, events and more. You can find printed copies of the Flagpole at over 300 locations in Athens and all over the UGA campus. They are famous for their yearly “Athens Favorites” issue that allows locals to vote on their favorite establishments around the city. They have categories for everything from live music venue to chiropractor to veterinarian! It is a great resource, especially for those new to the area, about the best places to go for goods and services.


Well, this month they released an entire issue dedicated to animals titled “The Pet Issue: Honoring Athens’ Furry Friends”. It has many articles all about our furry friends! They included segments with clever names such as “pup notes” and “kitty dope”. We highly recommend you taking a look- luckily they have a convenient online edition!


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